Differences of Montessori and Traditional School System





  • Age span of at least three years in a class.



  • One age per class.
  • Children reinforce their own learning by repetition of work and internal feelings of success.




  • Learning is reinforced externally (rewards, stickers etc.).
  • Method emphasizes becoming aware of One's abilities and social development.




  • Method emphasizes social development.
  • Direct contact with multi-sensory materials.
  • Much information dispensed by lecture.


  • Highly organized sets of graduated materials-mostly three dimensional and "concrete".
  • Mostly abstract- books, papers, etc.


  • Develops wise use of free choice.
  • Very few choices.


  • Learns about care of one's self and environment.
  • Less emphasis on self-learning instruction.


  • Environment and method encourage self-discipline.
  • Teacher acts as primary enforcer of discipline.


  • Mostly one-on-one instruction.
  • Group and individual instruction.



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