North Garland Montessori School believes and practices the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) to help children everywhere reach their maximum learning potential, while becoming well balanced individuals. Promoting "Excellence in Education" by the Montessori method is the overall objective of the School's activities, through both its teachers and its pupils.

Mr. Varasteh, the Principal and Executive Administrator, started the School in 1997. North Garland Montessori School teachers are Montessori Trained, therefore we provide an authentic Montessori Education.





Montessori Programs

We hold Enrichment classes for children ages 2-9 years. Our curriculum consists of the five areas of Montessori Education, integrated for the total development of your child.

Practical Life - learn to perform daily task, such as, developing the independence and sense of responsibility of the child and physical coordination.

Sensorial - develop the sensory-motor capabilities of the five senses. Sensorial education also provides the basis for other areas of development.

Language & Phonics - English language skills in hearing, speech, reading, writing and drama. The phonetic approach using sandpaper letters and the word-building kits takes new readers basic matching, word recognition and phrase-reading exercises to the point where they can confidently tackle sentences and stories.

Mathematics - Montessori arithmetic is taught as early as three, by giving the child objects to hold, count and manipulate. These help him learn the fundamentals of simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to ensure a good math foundation before the child enters Primary One.

Cultural - geography, history and science concepts are illustrated by simple experiment, charts, stories and educational excursions.


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